Human Vehicle GamePlay:

Human Vehicle is a weird but fun game where you will create cool human vehicles as you collect stickmen. You rarely find such a bizarre game like that at Y8 games online. Your main objective is to form the coolest vehicle ever and cross the finish line safely. You can see stickmen standing along the track and waiting for you to pick up. In the beginning, you run and you run straight to each stickman.

Each time you reach a stickman, a vehicle will be formed, from the basic one to the epic one. How can vehicles be made of humans? You will be surprised at what happens every time you pick up someone. You can’t guess what kind of car will be created. That is so special, isn’t it?. While running or moving by the vehicles, you have to avoid obstacles on the way. If you crash into any of those obstacles, you fail. Like most games at https://y8y8y8.games/, this one also features in-store items. You need gems to unlock characters in the store.

Therefore, you not only focus on picking up stickmen, avoiding obstacles but also collecting gems. The more stickmen you pick up, the bigger reward and the cooler vehicle you have. The game features more than 20 unique vehicles and 50 challenging levels for you to explore. You will find it harder to finish the mission as you advance. Time is unlimited. Therefore, you should take your time. Slowly but steadily avoid obstacles to keep your life safe and reach your goal.

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Controls: Mouse or touch to move.