Burnout Crazy Drift GamePlay:

The category of racing games just welcomes a new addition named Burnout Crazy Drift. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you will have a chance to satisfy your thirst for speed with 2 different game modes including Race mode and Drift mode. Each game mode has 10 levels with increasing difficulty. However, your goal in each mode is different. Your main objective in the Race mode is to be the first racer who reaches the finish line.

You can only move to the next level when you reach the finish line first. Be careful! You may hit the containers on the way or get hit by other racers. It's ok if you hit something or get hit by something. Your adventure won’t end there. You can keep the race going. However, you will be passed by other racers. When an accident happens, you need time to restart your car and speed up. Even in just 1 or 2 seconds, your opponents can leave you behind. With the Drift mode of this y8y8y8 racing games, as its name, your goal is to drift as many times as possible. You won’t compete against other racers.

On the track, there is only you. Just drive your car at high speed and experience the most exciting moments that the game brings to you. Each level is a challenging racing track that you probably can't conquer on the first try. With each win, you earn coins and you can use coins to unlock new cars for a better and more enjoyable race. If you want to experience more games like this, our racing game category is heaven for you. Explore every title there and pick your favorite ones. And here are our suggestions: Lane Rush Pro and Highway Road Racing 

How to play: Arrow keys to drive, Space for brake, and Shift for nitro.

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