Jump Dunk GamePlay:

Jumping on a trampoline and throwing the ball into the cups, have you tried it before? Jump Dunk brings you a unique way to play basketball. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, scoring the ball into every single cup in each level is your main goal. You won’t play basketball on a basketball field and you won’t compete against an opposing team with your teammates. Instead, you jump on a trampoline and manage to throw the ball into all cups at that level.

The first level will give you a chance to get familiar with the gameplay and control mechanics but from the second level, you will compete against one player. The one who scores the ball into all the cups first is the winner. If you lose, you have to play that level once again. The cups are placed in different positions and heights. While jumping on the trampoline, you have to time your throw. Try to throw the ball at the right time. Don’t rush. Take your time to aim and score the ball.

This Y8 games com game doesn’t require you to finish each throw within a given time. However, your competitor may be faster than you; therefore, you also need to throw quickly and accurately enough to get top 1. At each level, you will try something new. The next stages and the previous ones are not the same. That makes this basketball game special and addictive.

Besides, it has easy-to-learn controls and awesome gameplay mechanics. All of those features will keep players hooked until they conquer all stages of the game. Good luck and enjoy more unique gameplay experiences in other games such as Basketball King and Pinball World Cup

Instructions: Tap or click.

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