Pinball World Cup GamePlay:

Pinball World Cup is an exciting combination of pinball and football that you may never try before at Y8 soccer. Here, you take part in the pinball world champion cup and your main objective is to bring the precious champion cup home. This game offers 20 levels in total and the difficulty increases as you level up. To clear a level, you have to score 10 goals. To score, you need to move two paddles at the bottom of the screen to send the ball to the goal.

The first level is quite easy because you won’t deal with any obstacles. Level 1 will show you how to play. From the second level, you will handle the real challenges because the opposing team’s players will appear and stop you from scoring. They won’t move and try to take the ball from you but each time you shoot the ball at them, you waste time while every second is precious. You have to get 10 scores within a certain amount of time.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you can see how much time you have by looking at the bar below the paddles. Each time you score successfully, you earn extra time. A match just ends when time runs out. As you level up, more players from the opposing team appear. The more opposing team players appear, the harder it is to score. When you shoot the ball at them, they will disappear for a few seconds. You can make use of that time to score. It’s ok if the ball goes out of the field. It will be back.

That’s all about this game. Have fun and enjoy your spare time here. After that, why don’t you explore other games such as Head Soccer 2022 and Hoops Champ 3D?

Instructions: Right and left arrow keys.

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