Merge the Gems GamePlay:

You can find fun in the simplest of things and Merge The Gems is built on a simple concept but under the simplicity is the joy. Here at Y8 kids games, don’t make the word simplicity fool you. You need to use your wit to conquer this game. Basically, it is a puzzle game where the gameplay is to match the same gems in the 6x8 grids. Gems with different numbers and colors will appear on the gameboard.

All you need to do is to merge 2 gems of the same number to create a new gem with a higher number. It is like an addition. You can arrange the order of the gems as you like. It means you can move any of the gems around the gameboard. At the top of the screen, there is an hourglass. If time runs out, a new line of gems will appear from the bottom. A new line of gems also appears when you can't find 2 identical gems.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, your ultimate goal is to create a gem with the number 30. The game ends when gems reach the top of the gameboard or when a gem touches the top as you drag it. Be careful when you move a gem from this to that. Don’t touch the top. You can set the game to start with numbers 1, 5, 10, or more before you enter the match. As you move on, you deal with new challenges. 2 gems link together. You have to break that connection to keep merging the same gems.

Let’s see what is the highest score you can get and if you reach 30 or not. Have fun and enjoy more games such as Save The Fish and Fail Run.

How to play. Drag and drop gems with your mouse.

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