Heart Star GamePlay:

You can not wait to try the following adorable puzzle platformer for sure. Welcome you to the parallel world and retro-styled adventure in Heart Star at Y8y8 skillfull games. Here is where you lead 2 little friends through obstacles to reunite. Two worlds exist at the same time and our lovely boy and girl live in a different world. However, they can meet each other if you help them. The most interesting feature of this game is that it allows you to control two characters.

It means you can swap the role and guild each of them to the final destination which is a cup of fire. Obstacles vary in the way they try to block the boy and the girl. Besides, some obstacles are there to stop the boy while they are harmless to the girl and vice versa. The girl and the boy can help each other to pass the obstacles in some situations.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the boy and the girl must reach the same position, then you finish the current mission and move to the next one. If one of two characters can't jump over any obstacles because of height, you can use one of them as a platform to increase the height of the jump. Obstacles are not only the tall platforms for sure. More challenges will appear as you level up and don't worry, you can always find a way to overcome.

Nothing can stop you from helping this cute couple. 50 levels with retro pixel-styled designs are sure to bring to you hours of joy. Check this out and after finishing 50 levels, let's discover new journeys in Arrow Twist and NextRealm Bubbles.

Instructions: Up/left/right arrow keys to move and G to swap characters.

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