Star Battles GamePlay:

You may have played several space shooter games at y8 games unblocked, right? What do you think when you see the name Star Battles? You think that it may be similar to the ones you have played, don’t you? Don’t let its name fool you. There is no battle with weapons in space here. That will be a battle about crashing or avoiding. You control a spaceship, but it works like a satellite because it moves around its own orbit. Other spaceships function the same as yours.

So your main objective is to avoid crashing into other spaceships as you and they move. Your and their orbitals intersect at 2 points, so if you and they come to this point at the same time, you know what will happen. It will be an explosion. Then, make sure you control your speed accordingly and finish the mission on each level.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, there are 3 stages and each stage requires you to complete a certain number of loops. Finish them all to unlock the new destinations and earn coins. Coins are used to unlock new spaceships. The key point is the right timing. Define the perfect time and you will safely survive. This game looks so simple but it’s challenging. And you may fail several times until you can reach the goal. As the game processes, more enemy spaceships appear. That makes you harder to take action without any mistakes. Observe and adjust your speed. Good luck!

More challenges are waiting for you in Killer City and Mr Gun Man. Try and let’s see whether you are a gaming master or not.

How to play:

Arrow up and arrow down to accelerate or brake your spaceship.

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