Basketball Star GamePlay:

What is the last time you have played a sports game? You may have played many football games on our site for sure. This time, let’s us introduce to you the latest option in this genre about basketball called Basketball Star. Here at y8 skill games, you will start your career from a newbie to a star. The 3D graphics even make the game become better. Besides, the control mechanism is not complex at all. One more awesome thing about it is that you have to play actively. You have to take the ball from the opposing’s team members, grab it, and throw it.

There is no autoplay feature here. If you want to get any score, you have to do your best. There is a total of 12 chapters with 72 levels. Some of the first levels are quite easy but you soon find it becomes harder over time. Each level requires you to get a certain number of scores before the opposing team within a limited time. If you don’t get any score or your opposing team wins over you, you lose and you can’t unlock the new level.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can build your own team, train them, and help them get the best achievement through each match. Also, you can collect new shoes and shirts to enhance their ability. With each successful match, you get coins and you can use these coins to unlock new characters with better stats. A chapter includes 6 levels and it brings you to a new destination.

Can you get the champion cup? Enjoy and have a successful career. Don’t forget to test yourself in other games such as Knock Off and Craft Subway Runner Boy.


Use your mouse to play basketball.

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