Basketball Challenge GamePlay:

How many basketball games have you played at https://y8y8y8.games/? All basketball games are about throwing the ball into the hoop, aren’t they? However, each option has something special in gameplay that keeps you hooked, and our latest game is not an exception. Basketball Challenge offers 2 amazing game modes including Single Mode and Endless Mode. In the Single Mode, each level requires you to clear a mission such as throwing a certain number of balls into the hoop in a row or scoring 2 balls without touching the hoop, throwing as many balls as possible without missing a single shot within a given time, and so on.

You have to restart the level that you fail instead of playing once again from level 1. In the Endless Mode, your main objective is to score as many balls as you can and the game will end if you miss 3 shots. There is no limited time in this game mode, so don’t rush. Try your best to aim and throw the ball accurately. Like many games about basketball at y8y8y8 games, the hoop won’t stand still throughout all levels. The hoop will move as you advance in both modes. It makes the mission harder to be clear. At first, it will be easier to fail because you haven’t gotten familiar with gameplay and controls.

However, the more time you spend playing, the more experience you get, and therefore; you will become better and better. Here, if you want the game to be more exciting and competitive, you can compete against your friend to find out who is better at scoring. Have an amazing time here and don’t forget that many fun games are waiting for you here such as Basket Battle and Basketball Stars

Controls: Mouse.

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