100 Doors: Escape Puzzle GamePlay:

100 Doors: Escape Puzzle is a challenging and enjoyable point-and-click puzzle game that tests your brain with 100 challenges. Your goal in this y8y8y8 games online for kids  game is to escape from 100 rooms by finding 100 keys and 100 doors. Each level is a tricky puzzle in which you have to explore each area and look for clues that can help you escape. Here, you will experience different gameplay in only one game.

Finding the key and door is not the same at all levels. You escape from the room by solving logical puzzles, finding hidden objects, and so on. You are locked in a different room on each level and each level has its own solution to solve the puzzle. It’s not easy at all but if you observe carefully, you can easily find the clues and the connection between the objects. There are a series of 100 levels and each one is offering you a unique environment to navigate and collect items for the completion of puzzles, of course, the difficulty of the puzzles increases as you level up. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, the game doesn’t offer hints.

So, if you get stuck, all you can do is ask someone to solve the puzzle with you or watch an ad to skip the level. Don’t give up too soon. Puzzles can be easier to solve than you think. Don’t make it complicated. Think simply but logically and you can find the solution with ease. With 100 puzzles, interesting gameplay, easy control mechanics, and interactive elements, this game will keep you hooked for hours. Check it out now and don’t forget to challenge yourself in other games such as Ghost Walker and Runner Coaster 

Instructions: Mouse.

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