Mosquito Smash Game GamePlay:

Mosquitoes are probably one of the most hated creatures in the world. It is easy to understand why so. They suck blood and spread disease. They are small and cunning. It’s time to take revenge. Here in Mosquito Smash Game at y8 arcade games, let’s find and enjoy the fun in an exciting mission where you kill these deadliest animals. Many giant mosquitoes are flying around in search of their prey and its prey is human.

Your ultimate goal is to kill a certain number of mosquitoes at each level and protect all the office workers from those annoying creatures. You do that by clicking or tapping on each mosquito to smash them. You have to take action quickly and accurately before they approach humans and suck their blood. In this game, if a mosquito sucks the blood of a victim, he or she dies immediately.

To unlock the next level, you have to protect at least a person. It means with at least one person is alive when all mosquitoes are killed, the next level will unlock. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have 30 levels to discover and the population of the mosquitoes will increase significantly as you level up. You don’t have to kill all of them in a given time but you shouldn’t take action slowly. The next victim of those mosquitoes will disappear anytime.

This game is a great choice to relieve the stress and if you hate these living things from their appearance to sound and so on, it’s your chance to smash them and make them extinct, at least in this game. Have a great time here and after kill all mosquitoes, why don’t you challenge yourself with a new mission in Donutosaur 2 and Among Them Bubble Shooter.

How to play:

Tap or click on each mosquito to kill it.

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