Jake the Snake GamePlay:

Jake The Snake is an enjoyable and entertaining puzzle game about a snake named Jake. It's not the snake game you usually play at https://y8y8y8.games/ and its gameplay is totally different. Instead of collecting colorful dots to grow up and trap other snakes to dominate the leaderboard, your ultimate objective here is to help Jake pick up the star in each level to open the exit and escape safely.

Jake needs to climb up and down, slither to the right and left to get what it wants. You need to observe the terrain to guide the snake slider on the right way to the star. As Jake eats the stars, it will grow longer and this helps it easier to pass the obstacles. If Jake hits any obstacles or falls into water, that level is incomplete and you have to restart it. If you can make use of the platforms at each level, Jake will be supported to reach its goal and keep its life safe.

Don’t forget that the stars act as a platform and Jake also can get support from the stars. In this Y8y8 game, if Jake has no fulcrum, it will drop freely downwards; therefore, you have to find a fulcrum for Jake. Once Jake slithers forward, it can’t go back. Instead, it has to find another way to get back to the desired place. 40 levels are 40 puzzles that you have to solve and each puzzle has several solutions.

It means you can complete a level in different ways. Don’t forget to read the in-game instructions before you play to know the gameplay and how to control Jake. Have fun and enjoy your free time in other games such as Love Balls Brainstorm and Noob Adventure.

How to play: Arrow keys.

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