Snake io war GamePlay:

Snake io War is an incredible multiplayer io game with the oldest classic snake game mechanics that you can play for free at Y8 free game along with tons of fun games. It seems that the classic snake game mechanics never get old. Till now, there are so many games has the same gameplay but each option has its own features that make them worth playing.

Here, you have 3 game modes including Classic mode, Time-limited mode, and 30 snakes fight. Basically, your main mission and objective in the 3 modes are the same. You slither around the map and eat as many colorful dots as you can to grow up and gain the highest score. All serve only one purpose which is to put your name at the top of the leaderboard. You need to focus on eating to grow up and also watch out for other snakes trying to defeat you. Sound familiar, right? So, it’s time to dig into each mode.

As its name, the Classic mode likes what you do in other snake games at https://y8y8y8.games/. There is no limitation here. In Time-limited mode, you have 6 minutes to go to the top while in 30 snakes fight, you compete against the other 29 snakes to conquer the leaderboard. As mentioned above, at the moment that you enter the map, try to avoid other snakes and don’t hit their bodies. Otherwise, you’re blown up into a bunch of colorful dots.

When you become long and big enough, you can trap your enemies by surrounding your prey with your long body. Your enemies can do the same thing to you. Watch out! Hopefully, you have a great gaming time in this game and also in other options such as Frog Fights With Buddies and Fallingman.io

How to play: Mouse.

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