American Touchdown GamePlay:

How many types of football do you know? Normally, you play football with your feet, but in American Touchdown, you will use your hands to score goals and win. This game has been minimalist compared to real-life games. Here at unblocked y8 games, your team has only 1 player and you take on 1 player of the opposing team. Your goal is to get as many points as possible by throwing the ball into the opponent's net and blocking the opponent to score.

The game has no time limit. The team that wins the prescribed score will win and the match ends immediately. If you are bored with the usual way of playing football, then do not hesitate, experience this new style of play and enjoy great leisure time.

The game offers 2 game modes including 1 Player where you play with AI and 2 Player where you can compete against your friend. You need fast and accurate action to snatch the ball from the opponent and score goals, as well as block opponents from reaching your goal on y8 games unblocked It not easy at all and you will lose sometimes but after the setbacks, you will learn many useful things and techniques needed to overcome your opponent.

This football game is fun and entertaining suits all ages since it doesn’t require you to use logic or skill to play. Just by acting quickly, you will win. Enjoy other games give you different experience such as Basketball Swooshes and Boxing Fist Legends

How to play:

1 Player: A/D to move and W to throw the ball.

2 Player – player 1 uses A/D to move and W to throw the ball, player 2 uses arrow keys to move and up arrow key to throw the ball. 

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