Red and Blue Adventure 2 GamePlay:

Red and Blue are back on a new adventure that they have long-awaited. As you expected when you complete the first sequel, Red and Blue Adventure 2 is much more challenging and enjoyable. On Y8com, you can play this game with one of your friends and each of you controls a character. However, you can play alone as well. Help each character reach the door that has the same color as them is your ultimate goal here.

If you play alone, you should lead one by one to where they want to go. Don’t control both of them at the same time because it’s too hard and you easily make mistakes. Lead Red to the red door safely first, then help Blue reach the blue door or vice versa. When Red or Blue dies, they return to the starting point. It means you don’t have to play that level once again with both characters when one of them dies.

At https://y8y8y8.games/, you will see three types of gems. Both Red and Blue can collect yellow ones. However, only Red can collect the red gems and only Blue can collect the blue gems. You have to collect all the gems and reach the exit to complete each level. There are 10 levels in total and you will find it harder to complete your mission over time as more monsters and enemies appear while you can’t defeat them except for avoiding them to keep your life safe.

However, challenges mean fun. Then, fun is guaranteed. After finishing your adventure perfectly, check out other games such as Super Heroes Ball and Stickman Hook Rescue.

Controls: WASD to control Blue and Arrow keys to control Red.

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