Boxing Fist Legends GamePlay:

Boxing is a violent combat sport where 2 people fight each other in a boxing ring. Winners are decided by points. Boxers earn points by knocking out an opponent. If you love boxing and want to live the life of a boxer, Boxing Fist Legends will give you this chance.  Here at y8 games online 2 player, you play as a boxer who wants to win every round.

The first thing to do in this combat game is to choose your favorite character among 9 boxers. They are just different in hair color and outfit color. Their skill is the same. So, choose whoever you want. After that, you immediately enter the ring. Use your flexibility to evade enemies and unleash devastating attacks.

Act quickly to eliminate your opponent faster. Don’t give your opponent any chance to attack you and kill you. Pay attention to the health index. Every time you are attacked, your health will decrease. When your health bar drops to zero, you are defeated. On y8 co m new games, you can play the game in 2 modes which are Single Player where you combat AI and 2 Player where you fight against another player in the same computer. So, it is more fun to play with one of your friends. Make quick and powerful attacks with your powerful fists so that the opponent will not have a chance to win. Defeat all competitors and become a legend of boxing.

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SinglePlayer: Use Q/W to move and Space to punch.

2 Player – Player 1 uses Q/W to move and Space to punch while Player 2 use O/P to move and Backspace to punch.

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