Mortal Cage Fighter GamePlay:

Mortal Cage Fighter is a fun street fighter game that gives you a thrilling and exciting experience. Fight your way to beat every opponent and get the victory in this free game at y8 games fighting. Before you start, you choose among 4 characters including Marshall. Paulson, Xiao Li, and Keesha, each have different stats or you can choose the random option to get some unexpected thing in the match. You choose your opponent as well.

After that, you choose to fight at Back Alley, Downtown, or the Subway. Then, let’s start the show. Combining between attack and defend is the best strategy to win. You should protect yourself from the attacks of your rival and quickly punch and kick your opponent to make them get damaged. The game ends when one of you runs out of HP.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, win 3 rounds and you become the victor. It’s not easy to win. Your opponent is controlled by the computer. It can adapt to different situations and they attack you really hard. You can move back or jump over your opponent’s back to block and attack him or her from behind. In the beginning when you haven’t get used to the control; and gameplay yet, you may find it hard to beat your opponent. You may fail several times before getting the first win.

However, the more you play, the more skillful you are and you can easily K.O your rival and become the king of fighters. Build your reputation as the best fighter ever and don’t forget to test yourself in other games such as Bullet League Robogeddon and Majestic Hero.


WASD to move

J to punch

K to kick.

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