Mortal Squid Games GamePlay:

Another Squid Games-inspired game named Mortal Squid Games is here at https://y8y8y8.games/. Do you have what it takes to pass all 6 deadly challenges to win the grand prize? As you may know, Squid Games include 6 challenges: Red light - green light, Sugar honeycomb, Tug of war, Mable game, Glass bridge, and Square game, and all of them are available here to test your wit and wisdom. Each challenge consists of 45 levels and you can choose to play any among 6 challenges to play.

However, in each challenge, you have to play in order. It means you finish the current level to open the next one. You are one of the participants who join those challenges but you don’t compete against other participants. Instead, you are against time and even your luck. Now, let's go into detail about what do you have to do in each challenge in this cool Y8 y8 game. Firstly, in the Green light-Red light challenge, you move towards the finish line when the green light is on and stop when the red light is on.

Make sure you reach the goal before time runs out. Secondly, in the Sugar Honeycomb challenge, you have to separate the shape of the candy with a needle. Thirdly, in the Tug of War challenge, you press the red button to pull on opposite ends of a rope. Fourthly, in the Marble challenge, you hit the ball to the target. Fifthly, in Glass bridge challenge, you have to choose the firm glass to jump on.

It depends on your luck. Finally, in the Square game challenge, you have to defeat your opponent before you are killed. Do you have any questions? If not, let’s start the show. Check out other games before that such as Zombie Crusher and Gun Fest.

Instructions: Mouse or tap to play.