Bomber.io GamePlay:

Bomber.io is a multiplayer Bomberman game which is playable on kids games y8y8y8! This new IO game will take the experience in the classic bombing games to a whole new level. The gameplay is almost the same as that in classic Bomb game, but you will be competing in an IO battlefield this time. Instead of keeping track of the time and playing in a limited space, you can freely roam this large map. The game only ends when someone manages to defeat all the other players. That can be you! How can you dominate this field filled with bombs? 

When you first join the game at http://y8y8y8.games/, the game allows you to pick out the head, bombs, clothes, and color of the character. This customization will make your bomber stand out among the crowded map. But you must be beware of your own and other players' bombs. Pick-up power-ups to make your character stronger and dominate the battlefield! 

Play this interesting game and find your own answer now. Enjoy every moment here and have more fun with PirateBattle.ioand Zombain.io


Move with arrow keys, place the bombs with spacebar and interact using the mouse.

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