Rail Maze Puzzle GamePlay:

Are you looking for a challenging puzzle game to show off your problem-solving skills? Rail Maze Puzzle is a perfect option for you. Here at y8y8y8.games/kids-games, you play as a rail traffic controller, and your responsibility is to change the track for the train to go to the station safely. You have to make sure that the operation of the railway and the running of the trains are safe, efficient, and effective. So, all you need to do is to tap or click on the track to change the direction. However, you can’t change the track while the train is on the track. This game offers 30 challenging and exciting levels and each level requires you to lead the train to the station of the same color.

It means the red train will go to the red station, the green train goes to the green station, and so on, and you don’t have to clear this mission within a given time. In the first level of the game, everything is easy and simple. You have to control only one train. However, as you progress, more trains will appear. You have to control 2, 3, or even 4 and 5 trains to their stations. The railways become more complicated. You have to change the tracks several times. If one train goes the wrong way, you fail to complete that level and the next action you have to do is to restart it. The trains will auto-move on the railway. Sometimes, you need to be quick and sometimes, you need to be patient to wait for the right moment to take action. Prove that you are a great rail traffic controller. Enjoy it and other cool games such as Ice Breaker and Candy Rain 7.

Instructions: Mouse.

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