Flip Skater Idle GamePlay:

Flip Skater Idle is finally available at https://y8y8y8.games/. It can be one of the most exciting games about skateboarding that you have ever played for sure. Why? Because it has a unique feature that you rarely find in other games. There are 2 characters but this game is not for 2 players. It means you have to control both characters at once with 2 buttons. These characters will move in a circle. They can move clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your control. It’s insanely challenging to control two characters to avoid crashing into obstacles at first when you are still not familiar with the controls.

Both characters need to be safe and reach the finish line to clear a level. If one of them dies, restarting that level is what you have to do. This y8y8y8 games online for PC features so many skateboards in the store. You can unlock them with stars that you collect in each level. The new skateboards have nothing special to help you clear a level easier and faster. Then, collecting stars is not your priority. Just collect stars when it’s safe for you. Don’t let collecting stars puts you at risk.

Just forget about the new skateboards and be happy with your existing ones or collect stars only when they are in a convenient position for you. Always keep an eye on obstacles and look ahead to get ready to deal with them. This game offers 55 levels with increasing difficulty as you level up. It’s hard to finish a level with just one try. You may have to restart a level several times. Anyway, there is no skip option. Try your best to clear every single level. Have fun and enjoy Basket Battle and Basketball Stars

Controls: AD or left/right arrow keys.

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