Wake the Royalty GamePlay:

Wake the Royalty is one of the latest puzzle games at Y8 free games. As you know, puzzle games challenge your problem-solving skills and your wisdom. Some games have only one solution for each puzzle but some have several solutions for only one puzzle. Some give you hints but some don’t. Let’s find out what type of puzzle game you’re going to play today. You will meet a royal family.

However, don’t know why they are still sleeping right now even though it’s time to wake up. So what you need to do here is to wake them up. You won’t call them or use an alarm to pull them out of their dreams but use wood blocks. Yes, you attack wood blocks to wood to stir the snoring royal family members. When you attack the wood blocks to the right block at the right time, the mechanisms of gears and ropes will be activated. It’s a physics-based puzzle game; therefore, you should observe every object to find out how they work.

Each level of this amazing…..game gives you a certain number of woodblocks. If you use all blocks you have but the royale family is still sleeping, you lose. As a result, you need to try one more time. In some first level, you can complete them with only one try each. However, as you advance, the puzzle becomes more complicated and you may need more than one try to solve the puzzle. You don’t have hints to help you overcome the challenge. The only thing you have is your skills.

Take your time and try to figure out the solution and wake all royal family members up to welcome a new awesome day. Have a great time with other games such as Real Snakes and Virus Crasher.

Controls: Mouse to place the woodblocks.

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