Bus Surfers GamePlay:

Going to school may not be a favorite activity for many students. Some of them don't want to go to class but they have to. What about trying to play truant? During the class, you leave there without asking for permission from your teacher. Do you think what teacher would do in this situation? How does she react?

Discover this in Bus Surfers at y8 juegos. Well, here., your teacher gets mad and she starts chasing you down the street. Don't let her catch you. Run way as far as you can. If you want to find a great endless runner game with awesome graphics, many options, and interesting gameplay, then this one is for you. Act as wildly as you can be, be ready to deal with the trouble that you make.

Run, change the lane in the 3 lanes road to avoid obstacles such as cars, buses, barriers and more while collecting a huge amount of coins to buy power-ups like a magnet, 2x the score, shield, cycle, jumper, and more. These upgrades help you so much in this escaping journey. You also can use coins to unlock new characters.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you accidentally crash into one of those obstacles, your teacher catches you and you are punished. The game also ends. However, you can start a new journey after that. You not only can buy upgrades in the shop but also collect them during running. Their effect lasts for a short time, so take full advantage of them to enhance your achievement.

Besides, the game also offers some tasks for you to complete to earn more. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out Zombie Spider and Johnny Trigger.


Use arrow keys to play.

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