Mysterious Candies GamePlay:

Are you curious about your flexibility and hand-eye coordination? Then, Mysterious Candies is here to give you a fun test. Tons of candies with different color are falling down from the sky. You can’t let them fall to the ground. Let’s catch them but it is simple like that. You have to catch the candies with the same color with the candies in the bowl placed on the table. They are called mysterious candies.

At http://y8y8y8.games/, try to get the highest scores as you can. Each time succeed gives you 1 point. These candies can change their color. You have to stay focused to change the color of the candies in the bowl in order to match with the falling candies. Otherwise, you lose. The game becomes more fun as the difficulty level increases.

In the beginning, you deal with 2 different colors but over time more colors appear. Besides, the bowl starts moving now. Change the color of candies quickly is challenging, but catch the candies while the bowl constantly move is much harder. Play this free game on y8 free game and you will realize soon. Make sure that all colors in the bowl need to be the same as the falling candies.

This game is simple but challenging, easy to play but hard to get the highest score. It suits all ages, from kids to adults. How good are your flexibility and hand-eye coordination? Check it out now. Enjoy more fun games such as Forest Game and Tug The Table.


Click to change the color of the candies.

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