Candies All The Way GamePlay:

In this Gogy puzzle, you will learn how to spot a long line filled with candies either it's horizontal or vertical. Candies All The Way is one of the trendiest games for both boys and girls who love a good experience of a 3-matching game that is not only new but also fun.

The rules are pretty simple as you need to spot and slide a row of candies that has more than 3 similar candies. The string should consist of more and more candies as you slide it across the board. Don't release the finger or the mouse if you haven't reached the end of it. The goal is to connect the rows with great length in order to score the most. There will be a mission board that shows the requirements and the missions for each level.

You only move forward with one level after finishing it, so pay attention and try to keep those requirements in mind from the beginning of the game. This game from http://y8y8y8.games/ is a time-bound game, which means that one of the most challenging elements is to control the time. Don't forget about any of the candies and try to make various lines with different sets of colored candies. There are some hidden bonuses and special rewards as well as items inside some level, can you spot them all?

Keep on playing until you get bored of it, then go ahead with some more similar-themed games like Sea Rush. Tons of kids from all over the world love to play this game in their free time. It's all thanks to the simple yet efficient gameplay that this game has become all the rage! Will you share the experience and the high scores with your friends and family?

How to play:

Click the mouse or drag the finger on the mobile screen to link the lines.

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