Slinger GamePlay:

You are on a train and you are doing an important mission now. However, you are surrounded by bad guys at every single stop. Why? Because you are protecting gold bars. This train is delivering you and those gold bars to the storage. As a sheriff, you promise yourself that you won’t fail this mission. So, try your best to shoot down all bad guys and protect those gold bars at all costs.

There are only two choices: you die or they die. It’s all up to you. In Slinger at action-games, the train will go through 12 stops, and at each stop, you have to kill a certain number of bad guys. Some bad guys hide in the bars, behind the trees and barrels, and some guys ride the horse to chase you. So, don’t waste any seconds. Take advantage of every single moment to aim and shoot accurately. Otherwise, you will get shot. Do you see 100% on the upper right of the screen? It’s the train’s health or you can consider it is your HP.

If you get shot, you will lose some health points and when the number goes to 0, you have to restart the game. Each time you defeat all enemies in the current stop, you will move to the next stop with 100% HP. During the battle, you have to reload your gun when it runs out of bullets. Watch out for dynamites. Enemies will push a cart full of dynamites toward the train. Shoot at the cart to make it blow up before it reaches the train. Enjoy your time here and check out the following Y8y8y8 shooter games Super Ninja Plumber and Fantasy Madness.

How to play: Mouse to aim and shoot.

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