Stick War: Infinity Duel GamePlay:

Another stickman fight game has come to https://y8y8y8.games/. It’s called Stick War: Infinity Duel. Let’s get ready for the duel fight of your life where you have to kill your opponent to save your life. Otherwise, your life will be taken by your opponent. So what are you going to do to reach that goal? Quickly grab the weapon dropped from nowhere and shoot at the target like never before until he drops his last blood.

Your stickman needs to stay alive; therefore, you have to do anything that you need to do to keep your stickman surviving. You can choose to fight against the computer or one of your friends on the same device. Also, you can pick a specific type of weapon and a map or just opt for a random option. On the screen, one side is your character and another side is your rival. When the countdown is over, the fight is about to start.

As mentioned above, grab the weapon appear in front of you as fast as you can and shoot down your rival before he takes your life. In this exciting Y8 y8 game, there is no limited time. As you or your rival dies, the battle ends. Let’s see who will win. However, you will find it hard to control your stickman. Stickman moves are sloppy. He always floats on air. You can’t bring him to where you want to take him to.

It quite depends on your luck and hand speed to win the battle. In short, it’s still fun to play. Just give it a try and don’t forget to challenge yourself in other games such as Straw Hat Samurai 2 and Superfighters.

Controls: Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, L to shoot and Player 2 uses WASD to move and F to shoot.