Kill The Coronavirus GamePlay:

Kill The Coronavirus likes a dagger game that you've probably played at y8 games unblocked. It’s not about playing as a doctor and healing for everyone. In this game, you use weapons to kill this deadly virus. Coronavirus is threatening every country around the world. The number of infectious cases and the number of isolated cases increases almost every day.

Everyone can help reduce the risk of infection by not gathering, washing their hands often, and wearing a mask. If you are temporarily working at home or away from school due to an outbreak of coronavirus, then you can relax sometimes by playing this game. Put your anger on this obnoxious virus in the game. You will be given the injections containing the vaccine and your main objective is to throw these injections directly into the virus. Just like other throwing games where you throw many knives into the target.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, throw as many injections as you can to kill all viruses that appear on the screen. Make sure you don’t throw the current injection into the previous injection. Otherwise, the virus is happy because it's still alive while you have to play once again from the beginning. This virus won’t stay still and wait for you to kill them. It rotates continuously with the target making it difficult to identify the target. Don’t rush. You have to wait and throw your weapon at the right time. Sometimes, you see some hearts. Throw at them to earn more lives.

Coronavirus will be destroyed soon and the world will be better each day. Play other interesting games available on our site such as Johnny Trigger and Bus Surfers.


Left – click to throw.

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