Cheese Route GamePlay:

Cheese Route is one of the best puzzle games that you can find and play at y8y8 games. It doesn’t look like other games of the same genre. Why? You may realize right away after level 1. The best thing is you will solve the puzzle by drawing a line but how to draw it to complete each mission is a hard thing to think of. The game challenges you with 20 levels.

You start from level one and must get at least 1 star to unlock the next puzzle. You aren’t under the pressure of any factors like time or move. You just need to focus on how to draw a line. You can draw many lines on a level. Draw as many lines as you want to lead the cheese to the mouse. With a perfect length and position, you can easily collect 3 stars and satisfy the hungry stomach of the mouse.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, once you draw a full line, you click on the play button to start dropping the cheese and hopefully this cheese can come to the mouse successfully. If not, you can play again and try a better line or use an eraser to clean the previous line and alter it with a new one.

Remember that you can draw more than 1 line as soon as the cheese can reach the mouse. Solve all 20 puzzles and find other fun experiences in other games such as 3 Minute Adventure and Angry Cat. Enjoy all the moments here.


Use your mouse to draw a line.

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