Love Pins GamePlay:

Puzzle games are always one of the most played genres. They vary in theme, gameplay, and style. That’s why many players love to play. Besides, it’s easy to pick up but quite hard to master. You have to use your brain to bring out the best solution for each puzzle. At y8 boys games, many choices of puzzle games are available for free and you can always find your favorite one and add it to your game list. Now, let us introduce you to the latest option on our site. It’s called Love Pins. It’s all about helping a couple has a successful date.

The girl is on the way to come to meet the boy. However, there are so many roadblocks on the road. All you need to do here is to remove the pin in the right order to help them meet each other and have a great date. You have to deal with many dangers such as thieves, bombs, and more. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can take advantage of bombs to defeat the thieves. Besides, make sure you observe carefully because the game places some arrows on some levels. You don’t want to see the girl or the boy get shot for sure.

Once again, you can use these arrows to knock out the bad guys. These pins can’t be removed randomly. You have to use your brain to find the perfect solution to solve all problems waiting for you in the game. Like other puzzle games, you can’t unlock the new level if the current mission isn’t completed yet. If you get stuck, you can use hints to clear the mission.

Whether they are safe or not, whether they can meet each other or not, whether the date is successful or not, it’s all up to your problem-solving skills. Have fun and you can test your skills in other choices of games such as Choli Jet and Monster Match


Use your left click to remove the pin.

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