Jungle Run OZ GamePlay:

The endless runner game is too familiar, isn’t it? So many options with the same gameplay have been leased. If you still love playing endless runner games but look for something special. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, we have something for you. It’s Jungle Run OZ. Instead of playing as someone who runs away from something, you will be a monster or zombie and hunt humans in this game. Run as fast and far as you can to get some flesh.

Do you want to know what it’s like to be a beast? This game will show you. Absorb the liquid while running to activate your special skill which can turn you from the normal form of a monster to a real monster. With that form, you can destroy all obstacles and speed to catch up with your prey and swallow it. If you have played Temple Run before, you will find the running journey here is quite the same as that famous title and even other options at Y8 com 2 players.

Besides jumping over and sliding under the obstacles, you also have to turn left and right. If you fail, you have to start a new running adventure. Before starting a new journey, you also can choose a zombie and mutation from several choices that the game offers. However, you have to unlock them with coins. Coins are also used to upgrade your castle. Surely there will be some more unique features that make this game different from others that have yet to be revealed.

By spending more time playing, you can discover all the features and have a great gaming experience. Have a great day and don’t hesitate to give the following games a try: Super Chicken Fly and OCD Dreambot.

How to play: Mouse and arrow keys.

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