OCD Dreambot GamePlay:

It’s time to test your problem-solving skills with one of the best puzzle games at Y8 free game called OCD Dreambot. As its game suggests, you control a robot with an extreme case of OCD who is in charge of closing the door. If there are any doors that haven't been closed and it runs out of battery power, it will fall asleep forever. Our hard-working needs your help. Your main goal is to help it close every single door and reach the exit before its battery runs out.

There are 10 levels and the challenging level of the puzzle increases as you advance. To close each door, Dreambot just needs to go through them. Make sure you take advantage of switches and buttons to control lights. Turn on the light if needed. However, don’t use switches and buttons without any plans because using them costs battery power. You can charge the battery by collecting the battery on each level.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, let's repeat together what you have to do to complete a level. Firstly, you need to close all the doors. Secondly, you have to reach the exit. Finally, you don’t run out of battery. Your ability to solve puzzles will be evaluated in percentage after each level. To get the highest percentage of performance, you need to be fast and accurate. However, you also don’t need to care about that percentage.

As soon as, you reach the exit, the new level will be unlocked. Puzzle games never let you down and so does this option. You need to win time. Have fun and enjoy other options such as Super Villainy and Inferno.

How to play: Move and jump by using arrow keys.

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