Insane Moto 3D GamePlay:

Are you ready for something exciting and challenging in a motorbike racing game? Welcome to Insane Moto 3D. Here, you will meet Mike and help him conquer 15 jaw-dropping tracks. These tracks are designed specially to test your motorbike riding skills. Luckily, there is no time limitation. The game doesn’t require you to finish each level within a given time. So, take your time to control your motorbike to go through every single obstacle and reach the finish line safely. Do not rush.

Driving slowly but safely is better than driving at full speed but putting your life at risk. When driving at full speed, you will find it hard to master the speed. It means it’s easier to fall off the track and if you fall off the track, you will have to start from the beginning of that level. However, it must also be said that it’s still better to complete a level as fast as you can. There are 15 levels in total; therefore, you have a lot of chances to experience different speeds. As you level up, you will face more dangerous trials, difficult slopes, large gaps, deadly traps, and so on.

You've probably never faced anything like here in other Y8y8y8 racing games. It's quite simple and doesn’t offer too many features that make you overwhelmed. You don’t have any options to customize your motorbike or buy a new one. It’s quite different from other choices of the same genre but it makes the game stand out from the crowds. If you look for more games like that, here at y8y8y8 racing games, you always find tons of them such as Monster Truck Sky Racing and Car Stunt Races Mega Ramps.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys.

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