Monster Truck Sky Racing GamePlay:

Monster Truck Sky Racing is a weird but interesting and challenging racing game in which you will race against 7 racers on the unique racing tracks in the air. You may have played several monster truck driving games at racing games where you drive your monster truck to pass obstacles and reach the finish line, right? Instead of that, you will race against AI-driven racers to enter the top 3 to move to the next level. Remember that you have to be in the top 3. It’s not easy to win over AI opponents.

Why? It’s simply because your opponents are controlled by AI. Besides, as you level up, you will face more experienced opponents on the more challenging racing tracks. You have to avoid crashing at all costs because when you hit a rival or an obstacle, your speed will go down and when you are moving slowly and gaining speed, your rivals will pass you and leave you behind. You will earn money depending on your rank in each race and you can use the money to unlock new monster trucks with a special set of characteristics including Top Speed, Acceleration, Brake Power, and Tire Traction.

There are 12 levels in total and 10 monster trucks. This game also offers a wide range of customization options for you to personalize your monster truck. Yes, you can make it stand out and make it different from your rivals. Customization options not only make your monster truck look cool but also make it more powerful. So, save money and upgrade your truck or buy a new one. Break a leg and make sure you explore other Y8y8y8 racing games on our site such as Off Road Auto Trial and Burnout Night Racing.

Controls: Arrow keys and Shift for NOS.

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