Ariel New Year Hairstyles GamePlay:

Ariel had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. The new year is coming and she is eagerly waiting for great things to happen. Ariel always renews herself every time the old year passes and the new year comes. This time, she wants to try a new hairstyle in Ariel New Year Hairstyles. At y8 princess games 2021, it’s your job to give Ariel a perfect hairstyle. Yes, people often refresh themselves to hope good things will happen to them in the new year.

Ariel wants such things. She has red hair and she wants to have a big chance. She wants you to dye her hair and design a stunning braid hair for her. So she will join the New Year party with her friends with a new look. The game offers 3 hairstyles and you choose one from them to start. You can check out each style in order or choose whatever you want. After that, let’s roll your sleeves and prepare shampoo, conditioner, warm water, and dryer.

First thing you do on http://y8y8y8.games/ is to make her hair wet and apply shampoo. Gently rub and raise with clean water. Next, you apply a little bit of conditioner to make her hair smooth. Finally, you use a dryer to dry her hair. Now, it’s time to braid her hair. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish each step. After she has beautiful braid hair, you dye her hair with gorgeous hair color. The last touch is to choose an accessory to beautify Ariel’s hairstyle.

Try each option and pick out the best one. Don’t worry, you can try another one each time you play this game. That’s it! Happy new year and have a look at other games that you can play while waiting for New Year Eve such as Frozen Princess Christmas Celebration and My Pizza Outlet.


Use your mouse to change Ariel’s hairstyle.