Warzone Getaway 2020 GamePlay:

Do you want to find a shooting game in which you can stay still to shoot instead of moving? Let's jump in the shooting battle of Warzone Getaway 2020 at y8 unblocked 2 player games. Your mission is to protect a jeep to help it go as far as possible. You stand at the back of a car moving parallel to a jeep.

At there, you must shoot to kill every enemy right after they appear. It's better to shoot them down before they raise their gun. They won't shoot you but the jeep. The jeep has a certain amount of health. If the health bar drops to zero, you lose. Deal with each wave of enemies and if you succeed, you earn coins. Then you can use coins to unlock new guns, defend items for the jeep, and call the air support.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you need all of these things to support you during the battle because your enemies are crowded while you are alone. Your gun needs to reload when it runs out of bullets. So make sure you always upgrade and buy new items to enhance your strength. This plays an important role and decides how long you can go in the game.

As the game processes, it becomes more challenging. Sometimes, some vehicles will appear and stop your view. Be ready all the time to deal with the upcoming challenges that you can’t guess what they are. However, you can complete this mission for sure. After that, don’t forget to discover other options such as Dead Paradise 3 and Ghost Wiper.


Mouse to aim and shoot

R to reload

Z to use grenades

X to use oil

1-5, and C to call air support.

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