Tom's Adventure GamePlay:

Tom's Adventure is a super exciting and challenging platformer game in which you will embark on a fun adventure with Tom the active boy. Firstly, do you want to listen to Tom’s story? His sister is kidnapped by aliens. He needs your help to rescue her. To save Tom’s sister, you need to clear 20 challenging levels. There, you will face a lot of aliens and deadly obstacles. You have to pass laser beams, spikes, lava, and more. You can jump over aliens to avoid them or jump on their heads to kill them if you want.

Keep in mind that if Tom crashes into an obstacle or gets attacked by an alien, Tom dies and that journey should be restarted. Like any level-based platformer game at kids games, the later levels will be more challenging than the previous ones. Because the difficulty won’t be the same from level 1 to level 20, you will find it harder to finish the mission without having to restart the level. When you pass an obstacle, you deal with another one without having a rest. Laser beams are everywhere and spikes are always ready to take Tom’s life.

You may not be able to overcome an obstacle, but you can learn from your mistake to pass it successfully on your next attempt. A level is complete only when Tom gets his skateboard. Timing your jump is the key to overcoming any traps safely. Take your time and do not rush. Rushing only put Tom at risk. Break a leg and have a safe and sound adventure with Tom. Do not forget that new adventures are waiting for you in other cool Y8y8y8 platform games such as Polypuzzle and Guardians of Gold.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move.

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