Polypuzzle GamePlay:

Polypuzzle is one of the best puzzle games at kids games that has the same gameplay as Teris if you have ever played that block puzzle game before. However, instead of watching blocks move from the top of the screen, then getting all the blocks to fill all the empty space in a line at the bottom of the game board, you play on a 10x10 grid and you can fill the line and column to remove the blocks from the grid and get scores.

Each time, the game offers you 3 blocks. You can choose any of them to place on the grid in any order. After the current set of 3 blocks is placed, another set of 3 will be offered. The game is over if there is no space for any given blocks. You can play safe by filling a column or line with blocks to remove them at a time. However, if you can remove several lines or columns at once, you will get combos and extra points. Looking at several lines of columns that are removed at once is so satisfying. However, it can put you at risk if you don’t plan your move carefully.

You can’t rotate the blocks to fit your desired positions like what happens in Tetris. Instead, you have to use Rotate option to rotate a block. You can only rotate 3 blocks. Interestingly, you will earn coins based on the scores you get and you can use coins to buy furniture to decorate your house. It’s a submission. You don’t have to put much attention to it. Enjoy your spare time in this Y8y8y8 puzzle game and check out other cool games such as Guardians of Gold and Noob Stamp It.

How to play: Mouse.

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