Noob Stamp It GamePlay:

Noob Stamp It is a challenging yet addicting puzzle game in which you help a stamp in the Noob shape to stamp on the red mark in each level. A level is clear only if you collect ink and stamp on the red mark. Then, you can move to the next level. The Noob stamp is a cube and the mark is on a side of that cube. To collect ink, you have to make the side that have a mark stamp on the ink and when you collect every single ink blot, the red mark will be activated and now, you can stamp on it. The most challenging part is rotate the Noob stamp.

Try to clear a level with the fewest moves. The game doesn’t require you to stamp on the red mark within a given moves but the moves you make will be counted. The few moves you take, the more points you get even though these points are not used for anything in this game. The same as other level-based games at kids games, the difficulty increases slightly as you advance. There are 50 levels, so it can be said that the first level is the easiest one and the final level is the hardest one. On later levels.

The game board can be larger and some obstacles may appear to block the Noob stamp. For example, don’t stamp on the red X. Otherwise, you have to restart the previous level. How many moves do you need to finish a level? Check it out and don’t forget to explore other games on our site. If you want to test your problem-solving skills with other Y8y8y8 puzzle games, here are some options for you Paco Paco and Puzzle Love.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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