Paco Paco GamePlay:

The gameplay of Paco Paco reminds you of classic Pac-man. They have so many similarities but you also can find some differences. The first similarity is that you are trapped in a maze and being chased by several monsters. The second similarity is that you will run around the maze to collect gems and avoid monsters. Let’s find other differences by yourself when you play it. The difference is that this Y8y8y8 game doesn’t offer big gems that help you to stop monsters when you pick up them.

Instead, when you collect enough gems, the door in that level will open and you just need to go through the door to move to the next level. You have 10 hearts and each time you’re caught by a monster, you lose 1 heart. Remember that you can’t earn extra hearts. When you run out of 10 hearts, whatever level you are in, you have to be back to level 1 and start from the beginning. As mentioned previously, you just need to collect a certain number of gems instead of collecting every single gem.

However, to increase the challenge level of the game, you can try to collect all the gems in the maze. It can make your gaming experience better. Like other level-based games out there, the difficulty increases as you level up. Look around and find safe paths to collect gems because sometimes, you can find yourself in the corner and the monsters will come and catch you. Let’s see how can you open all the doors and escape from the monsters safely. Enjoy your free time here and make sure you check out other fun games at games for kids. Here are our suggestions for you Color Pixel Shooter and Demolish Derby.

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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