Sunset Bike Racer - Motocross GamePlay:

Ride your bike or drive your car around the city is no longer fun. It's time to go for thrills, challenges, and excitement. You can find them all in Sunset Bike Racer - Motocross – the latest bike racing game at Y8 free games that puts you in the shoes of a bike racer. Here, something really thrilling and challenging but enjoyable is waiting for you in each of 25 levels. You have to start from the first level and race your way to the final stage. You may have never seen those exotic racing tracks before.

Hop on your cool bike and be well-prepared to avoid bombs, gigantic saw blades, and more. These things can take your life at ease. Blast your way across a winter wonderland at high speed and don’t afraid of failing. Don’t slow down. You need to drive at the highest speed, so you can gain momentum to jump over the gaps, spikes, and more. On http://y8y8y8.games/, it's like you're riding a roller coaster but you’re riding a roller coaster on your bike.

You have only one life in each level and if you crash into those obstacles or you fail to do flips or something like that, you die but if you passed a checkpoint among several checkpoints in each level, you will respawn at that checkpoint and keep your journey going on. Keep in mind that high speed and momentum decide your fate. It’s impossible to overcome each obstacle at a slow speed. The next levels are sure to be more challenging than the previous ones.

Get ready all the time to deal with some unexpected situations waiting for you ahead. Race your way to the finish line and try other cool games after that. GP Moto Racing 2 and Zombie Drift are our suggestions for you.

How to play: Arrow keys to play, Space to restart.