Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure GamePlay:

Have you ever played any games with the title Car Eats Car? It sounds quite familiar, right? Yes, you can find several options for this theme at Y8 games online and now, let’s welcome the latest addition named Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure. It’s not all about cars eating cars but also about racing and fighting. Crossing the finish line is your main goal in this game and you have to make it at all costs.

However, before you see the finish line, you have to go through a series of deadly obstacles and face so many enemies. You can bike, bomb, and shoot your enemies to defeat them or simply speed up to escape from them. Do not slow down or stop because while you are resting for even one second, enemies can approach you and attack you at the same time.

At the moment, getting rid of them is super challenging. You have a certain number of bombs to use and limited health points at each level. So use bombs at the right moment to not waste them. There will be more appropriate cases to use bombs. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, while driving your way to the finish line, don’t forget to collect some useful items and diamonds on the way. Although these power-ups have a short time of use, you still can make use of them to finish your mission easier.

Also, diamonds are used to unlock new cars and upgrade missile launchers, magnets, and bomb replicators. Whenever you have enough money, invest in upgrading to become a real monster who can defeat all enemies and get whatever you want. Good luck! Here are two of the best games available on our site that you may want to check out: Bike Racing 3 and Dirt Bike Stunts 3D

How to play: Space – bombs, X – turbo, W/up arrow – gas, S/up arrow – brake, A/D or right/left arrows – keep balancing.

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