Craft Punch GamePlay:

There are many games inspired by Minecraft out there and you can find many choices Y8y8. Some have similar gameplay. Others are set in the same blocky world and today, let us introduce to you the latest options of this list. It’s called Craft Punch. Instead of crafting, building, and adventuring here, you will play boxing but in a unique way that differs from boxing games.

The game offers 2 modes including 1P and 2P. In 1P mode, your opponent is the computer. And if you want to play game with your friend, head to 2P mode and both of you can play boxing on one device. What you have to do here is quite similar to what you do in Whac A Mole game. However, your target is not moles but bad guys in Minecraft world. A bad guy will appear suddenly and your job is to throw a punch before your opponent to score.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, if your opponent takes action first, you miss a chance. A bad guy is one point and will be defeated with only one punch. However, there is a tall guy that you should punch as many as possible. He rarely appears. One important thing you should pay attention to is that do not hit Steve who wears a blue outfit. If you do, you lose 20 points. A match lasts 90 seconds and after time runs out the one who punches bad guys the most is the winner. This game challenges your reflexes.

The gaming experience is better if you play the game with your friend. If you’re looking for more games as fun as this one, you should know that you always find tons of them on our site. Some of the great choices are Crazy Bunny and Crowd Farm

Controls: Tap or click to punch.

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