Twirl GamePlay:

Do you want to play Tetris in a new way? Let’s play Twirl – a logic puzzle game at Y8 games 2 player. Here, you will have to use your intelligence, your logic skills, and even your problem-solving skills to reach the goal of each puzzle. You have a different goal at each level. For example: collect a certain number of cubes, collect a certain number of cubes with a specific number of moves, collect a certain number of cubes in a specific color, and so on.

To reach that goal, you have to drag the figures that the level offers you onto the 10x10 gameboard to fill the columns and rows. Then, you can collect the cubes. You will get 10 cubes for each row or column that is filled. The figures have different shapes and you have to use all 3 existing figures before a new set of 3 figures comes out. In some first levels, you can’t rotate these figures but later on, you can unlock 2 power-ups that will help you a lot.

You may find this type of gameplay in several puzzle games at https://y8y8y8.games/. However, it seems that those options won’t require you to reach a goal at each level. Instead, you have to earn as many scores as possible. That’s why this game is fun and worth your time because it brings you something refreshing that you may haven’t had before. How would you arrange those figures?

Remember that the game ends when there is no space for a figure. At that moment, you have to restart the level. That’s all about this game. Enjoy it and let other games such as Catch The Thief and Cooking Tile entertain you more.

Instructions: Mouse.

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