Met Rage GamePlay:

Met Rage is a cool and entertaining multiplayer shooting game in which you enter a battlefield full of other players around the world. This game offers a rich mission system and massive arsenal. It has stunning graphics and fast-paced and exciting gameplay that make you immerses in the action-packed battles. Unite with your friends or go solo in every main mission and submission at y8 games simulator. Dive into an underground subway system and try to kill as many enemies as you can to win.

There is also a capture the flag mode in which each member of the team tries to capture the flag and brings it to your base. Each time you succeed, your team is rewarded with a point. At the end of the match, the team has the higher score wins. You can choose from various weapons before entering the battle such as shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher and more. Just you’re the one fits your play style.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, other players are not the only threat. You also need to watch out the train is rattling along the railway. You may not want to lie down the lines without killing any enemies. Besides attacking, you also need to use walls or any objects around the environment as the cover to keep you safe. Bullets are infinite but health is not.

So, watch out every step you take to stay alive until the match ends and you get the victory. Experience all exciting features of this game, then discover other choices such as Transmorpher 3 and Mountain Operation


WASD/arrow keys to move;

Shift to toggle sprint,

Mouse to aim/shoot;

Right-click to scope;

Mouse wheel/Numpad to show cycle weapons;

G to throw grenade.

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