Transmorpher 3 GamePlay:

In a space trip, the green alien spaceship crashed and fell into an alien planet. Now, he has to explore an ancient temple to find a way to come back to his homeland. In this journey, he meets 2 aliens who will help him conquer 30 levels full of obstacles and return home. Transmorpher 3 is a fun-addicting combination of puzzle and platform game brings you to an epic adventure.

At y8 games 1, your mission is to reach the exit in each level. You must use the features of each alien and objects around wisely to help you overcome challenges. You start with a green alien who can jump. Then, you unlock the blue one who can climb the wall and the yellow one who can break the blocks. During the level, you can switch between them to solve the puzzle on every level. Besides, you also have to collect at least 1 star to along with reaching the exit to finish the current level and unlock the next stage.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, each level is unique and well-designed. They offer different challenges. You must observe the environment carefully and take advantage of all aliens as well as objects to deal with them. Switch among 3 characters to help you out.

You can play the game on your own pace because it doesn’t require you to finish each level within a certain amount of time. Whether our lovely aliens can go home or not is all up to you. Have fun with other adventures in Slender Man and Dinosaur Hunter Survival


Use arrow keys to move and 1/2/3 to switch among 3 characters.

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