Keep Zombie away GamePlay:

Keep Zombie Away is a fun and challenging defense game in which you have to protect yourself in a room and try your best to stop zombies from entering that room. This is different from other tower defense games that you have played at y8 games multiplayer. You won’t place turrets along the way when zombies arrive. Instead, right after a zombie comes, you quickly enter a room that has no one inside and lie on the bed.

There are 7 players in a game and if one zombie enters anyone’s room, he or she is eliminated. There are some rules that you have to keep in mind to survive as long as possible. When a countdown in red appears, please leave the corridor immediately as your safety isn’t guaranteed. Do not follow other people and enter their rooms. If you enter a room and find someone on the bed, let’s leave that room as soon as possible.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, if you fail to get out of that room, let’s restart the game. Go to the bed right after you enter a room. You can earn coins by sleeping on the bed and then, you can construct buildings and enhance your security measures. Never get out of bed no matter what happened. If someone breaks the door and tries to enter your room, don’t get out of bed either. If you find someone breaking the door, repair the door immediately. If you see someone else’s room light is off, don’t look at that room, and don’t touch anything.

Buy turrets to defend your room and buy energy production to gain energies for buying different effects or increase the power and shooting range of your turrets. Each time you achieve one achievement, you can claim a reward. Enjoy your time here and in other cool games such as Dino Grass Island and Design Master

Instructions: Mouse.

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