HideNSeek3D GamePlay:

Now, most traditional games or childhood games can be played online. You can name those games easily such as marbles, tag, jump rope and hide and seek is one of them. Here at Y8 com 2 players, let’s welcome the latest addition called HideNSeek3D. It’s a 3D game, so you will experience something real. You are a seeker and your job is to find all the hiders in the house at each level.

Kids are finding a safe place to hide while you close your eyes and when they are ready, it’s time to find them. Don’t cheat. Close your eyes until kids have found the perfect hiding place. Moving around the house, open every room, look inside the closets and search for them. This game is so simple and easy; therefore, it suits kids so well. It doesn’t require players to use any tricks or carry out any solutions.

Besides, the player doesn’t have to find people within a limited time. Just explore every corner in the house and no one can escape from you. There are quite many games at https://y8y8y8.games/ that has the same gameplay and most of them allow you to switch roles. It means you can be the seeker or the hider. Here, you play the role of a seeker only. Each level requires you to find a certain number of people without a given time.

So you have so much time to go around and find the hiders. A level is complete once all hiders are found. Have a great gaming time and make sure you check out other games as fun as this one on our site such as Music Garden and Sky Stick.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to look around, and click to find people.

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