Element Evolution GamePlay:

Element Evolution is a fun farm simulation game that combines with puzzle games in which you evolve different crops and elements like earth, water, air, and fire. The puzzle element shows in the way you evolve them. At Y8 games online, you match 2 of the same items to create the new one. These items will produce diamonds and gems. The higher level, the more diamonds, and gems you get.

Diamonds and gems are used to expand your land and buy higher-level items in the store. You don’t have to pay any money to buy the base items. You just need to click or tap continuously on the chest placed at the bottom of the screen to get the new items. As you level up, you have to pay more money to buy a new block of land. Your existing crops will produce diamonds and gems over time, then you just have to wait until you get enough money to unlock new land blocks.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if there is no empty block of land and there is no pair of the same items, you can sell the item that you don’t need for some diamonds and gems or wait until you have money to expand your land scale. This game encourages you to evolve existing plants into new species and items into new ones. This gameplay keeps you hooked. You have a list of tasks to do. Finish each of them to get a reward. With no challenging mission, this game suits all ages, even kids.

It’s easy to play and not hard to master. It should be the option that you add to your favorite game list. Hope you enjoy it and make sure you check out other choices of games on our site. Some of them are Fit Balls and Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost.

How to play:

Match the same items by your mouse.

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