Archero GamePlay:

Archero is a fun arrow shooting game in which you are an archer and you will embark on an adventure through the several dungeons. At y8 boys games, the game includes 3 chapters and you start from the first one. Your ultimate goal is to kill all enemies and conquer all dungeons. So the first thing you have to master is to dodge enemies and attack them. Enemies attack you differently right after you approach them close enough.

Your character will auto shoot but you have to keep an eye on your hero and help him dodge. If you run out of health, you have to play that stage once again. One of the most interesting features of this game is the angel and devil’s deal. You will have a chance to take the devil’s deal to access certain powerful abilities. To have a new ability, you have to sacrifice a percentage of your max HP. So you should think and make the right choice. It’s better to take the deal if it’s a good ability.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you also meet an angel but she is kinder than the evil. 2 good choices are offered by the angels every time you meet them. You have to choose between a minor ability or max HP boost and raw healing. Choose what you need and what you think it’s better for you. This game offers rich content. Besides some normal enemies, you will face bosses and more challenges as the game processes. Make sure you check out the shop and your hero talent to know more about your character and the game.

The game looks simple but it’s complex and enjoyable more than what you thought. Don’t worry if you fail too many times. You can learn from it and have a better performance next time. Enjoy and spend your free time on other games such as Find These Guys and Susun Atas.


Use your mouse to take action.

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